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Attorney Robert Patillo is a bold representation of what’s right in the legal and political realms. One of the top rising commentators in the country, Mr. Patillo presents a real, raw, and uncompromising perspective on current world events. He is able to draw in people from all walks of life because of his experience, compassion, and meticulous plans for true change.   Robert Patillo brings dynamic viewpoints which engages viewers in ways unmatched by any other voice in the public discourse. With connections that stretch both nationally and abroad, he brings the voice of the voiceless to the national spotlight and is apologetic in his passion for progressive social change. Currently he hosts a Sunday program on CBS Radio in Atlanta on News and Talk WAOK AM 1380 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm where he gives his listeners no nonsense commentary and discussions on many prevailing issues and subject matter.

Years of experience

As a Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Patillo brings years of experience to the practice of law and legal analysis

Years of Activism

Robert Patillo has devoted his life to social change and political activism. Robert Patillo is dedicated to Civil and Human Rights for all people.


Robert Patillo through over a decade in civil rights activism, political organizing, and criminal defense has become an expert in several fields of study and debate including:

  • Civil Rights Attorney

  • Legal Analysis

  • Social Justice Actavist

  • Progressive Political Analysis

  • Cable News Pundit

  • Radio Talk Show Host

My Thought Process


A graduate of Clark Atlanta University and Chicago-Kent College of Law, Attorney Robert Hillard Patillo, II is a lifelong civil and human rights activist. He is entirely dedicated to serving the poor and underprivileged.


In politics Patillo has worked on the 2004 Presidential Campaign of John Edwards, Senior Field Manager for Grassroots Campaign, Inc. for the Democratic National Committee, Field Director for the 2010 Georgia Attorney General’s campaign and himself ran for Georgia State Representative in 2012.


As an activist Patillo has led workers on organization campaigns to petition for better wages, worked to integrate segregated organizations, assisted discriminated workers against celebrity Chef Paula Deen,


Patillo has been featured in articles in the New York Times, Huffington Post and UK Daily Mailer to name a few. He has appeared on various television and radio programs including Fox News, HuffingtonPostLIVE, CNN’s Newroom and as a guest analyst on 1380am WAOK as a legal analyst. As well has hosting a popular YouTube channel